The following are items of clothing and equipment that you should consider bringing on walks. Groups walk throughout the year in a variety of locations, therefore some of these items are seasonal. Remember that weather conditions, particularly on high ground can change very quickly with little or no warning. Walks leaders may refuse to accept people who are inadequately prepared for the conditions - so be prepared!

  • Comfortable Walking Boots
    • Shoes or trainers may be suitable for some easier lowland walks in dry conditions but not for winter walks or in muddy conditions.
  • Clothing
    • Warm clothing - plenty of layers.
    • Gloves, hats and scarf.
    • Jeans are not recommended for cold / wet conditions.
  • Packed lunch and water
    • Plenty of water in the Summer.
    • Hot drink recommended in the Winter.
  • Small First Aid Kit
    • Plasters etc (in case of cuts and blisters)

Getting kitted out need not cost you a fortune, and remember that many outdoor shops offer discretionary discounts to Ramblers members.

Further information can be found in the Ramblers fact-sheets "Getting Started" and "Clothing, Equipment and Safety". To obtain copies call The Ramblers on 020 7339 8500 or log on to